A little 'housework'

June 4, 2018




Thank you firstly to my subscribers, new and old ones, and a huge welcome to my website visitors. I am sorry, my newsletters are few and far between, but now I have added a blog to my site, hopefully that will change a little.


My reasons for the addition of the blog are many.


Firstly, to be able to update my travels, and keep you in the loop with where I am, where I am going, or where we can meet (super important details), and, then to update you with my new and fancy methods of contact.


As most of you know, I am on WhatsApp on +65 8590 4690. I can also be found on Viber with the same number AND if you save my number and use Telegram, you will find me there (or as @ReneJoile). For China I have WeChat and Line, both as @TravellingLady (I should change it to Rene Joile, but I tried to be discrete.... go figure). I think I have all that covered.


The next big issue that seems to be a worry among a few is email security. As you know I am very contactable here, at rene@renejoile.com and rene@asexylady.com. I have recently added the new fad renejoile@protonmail.com to please the super fussy. I am a little bit slower at responding to emails, so if you are impatient, use an ap, and be patient, haha!


I have a little file with a stack of sim cards with every country I visit. I do not leave my phone on active when travelling, as roaming costs are extreme as you would know. I have about 8 numbers, 1 for every country I visit, so I turn them off. They will only go one when I am in the related country, and only once I have asked you to call to confirm details of our date.


REALLY IMPORTANT INFO: If you are contacting me, or we are in the midst of conversation (a day either way or something) and for some reason you want me urgently, please DO NOT message me on multiple aps or email addresses, because ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME.


All the aps are on the same phone, so messaging on multiple won't get you any more attention, in fact, it will get you less, because I will be so annoyed I will block you.


Speaking of etiquette....please remember your manners!


Please be polite and address me as a human when you are contacting me. I may be an escort, a mere sex worker travelling the world, but I am very human, and I respond well