Join me in Singapore

March 4, 2019

One of the negatives of being an international escort is that I get so many emails from gents all over the world assuming that I am in the same city. 


I know getting lots of inquiries, shouldn't sound like a negative, but it can be for gents and couples that are unaware of where I am, and of how much I actually travel. 


Unfortunately I can't be in every city and country at the same time, but I wish I could.


I am a traveler and I am frequently travelling. I fly from one side of the world, by personal request. In fact by June, I would have circled the world nearly 3 times..That's a lot of travel in anybody's world, but that's what I do, so making plans in advance really is the best way to go.


I love meeting people, but more often than not, I am travelling exclusively with, or to see one person, so last minute plans aren't really an option. When I am exclusively travelling, I don't make arrangements to meet anyone else because that wouldn't make me or my visit exclusive.



Singapore is a great city to meet halfway, to get aquainted, to enjoy a dinner together, or spend an evening, or to relax for a few days.


I am very comfortable inviting you to spend time with me in Singapore before considering an extended business trip, or a weekend away together.


My next availability to meet is now, 

Singapore is March 4-7 and March 10-13 

before travelling to Kuala Lumpur and Saigon for a few days in each city.


I would love to spend some time getting aquainted and share my charming self with you. We can have dinner perhaps, spin the wheel at the casino or share an intimate evening in.


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